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Injured at Work

About Injured Workers' Alliance

Injured Workers' Alliance (IWA) was formed in 1998. We're unpaid volunteers. We advocate for everyday Oregon workers.

We were forced to mobilize in response to the mistreatment of thousands of hard-working people just like you. Moderately to severely injured workers, in large numbers, do not receive needed medical treatment, such as surgery, in a timely manner. Many receive no treatment whatsoever. This situation has caused a worsening of injuries and created permanent, lifelong pain and misery. Families are literately being destroyed.

Our Activities

  1. Educate fellow Oregonians about their rights "or lack of" in regard to the Oregon Workers' Compensation System and in workplace safety matters;

  2. Provide tools of communication by way of our forum and through our newsletter. Our File Room / Forum has hundreds of documents that should interest workers. The Forum allows workers a means to communicate and share their knowledge and experiences on a wide range of issues;

  3. Bring public attention to both the plight of injured workers and to workplace safety issues through media coverage and public events;

  4. Conduct research and provide it to others;

  5. Share ideas and coordinate strategies with like-minded, worker-friendly organizations and individuals;

  6. Communicate regularly with legislators, the governor, and other public officials to bring our concerns to their attention.

  7. Testify at government hearings, including those conducted by the Management-Labor Advisory Committee and the Oregon Legislature.

  8. Participate in advisory meetings. The Oregon Workers' Compensation Division routinely invite us to be a member of rulemaking and other committees.

Injured Workers' Alliance was formed and is dedicated to improving the lives of Oregon workers. Please assist our efforts.

The Facts

Between 1990 and 2006, the pure premium employers pay for workers' compensation coverage has dropped 57.4%. This represents an estimated $11.5 billion in savings to employers. This reduction has taken place while medical costs have risen substantially and all other types of insurance premiums have skyrocketed.

Oregon OSHA performs fewer inspections now than in the early 1980's even though Oregon's workforce has almost doubled.

In a unanimous decision on May 10, 2001, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that Oregon Workers' Compensation laws violated an injured worker's constitutional rights by not providing a remedy for his injuries. The case is Smothers v. Gresham Transfer Inc.

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