DCBS: IME Study - Link to Full Report & Table of Content

The modus operandi of these exams is to defeat the claim. Learn how to prepare for one. See evidence of bias and fraud. Read the revealing state-conducted IME study.

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DCBS: IME Study - Link to Full Report & Table of Content

Postby Webmaster » March 2nd, 2005, 4:23 pm

Department of Consumer and Business Services
Insurer Medical Examination Study

Presented to:
Workers' Compensation Management-Labor Advisory Committee

The state study/survey, released on December 2, 2004, has confirmed what injured workers have reported for years.

The 271-page report is nothing short of a wholesale indictment of IME's. Even 53 percent of IME practitioners admited bias against workers. Survey replies were annonymous, improving overall honesty.

Below is a breakdown of much, but not all, of the contents of the state-conducted study. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader to required to view pages. It's available at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.


If you're looking for the IME quote provided in the 8/14/2008 Oregonian letter to the editor, it's the first statement on page 190 (numbered on bottom-right of page) here. A sampling of examiner statements are here.

A sampling of survey answers by other participants arehere.

Insurer Medical Examination Study (complete with page numbering - 2.3MB)

Table of Contents

1. Executive summary/Recommendations

8. IME history and the impact of the Medical Arbiter Program

16. Injured worker survey

24. IME physician survey

33. Attending physician survey

38. Claimant attorney survey

47. Defense attorney survey

51. IME facility survey

59. Insurer/Third-party-administrator focus groups (including Ombudsman's Office)

69. IME complaints and feedback; Board of Medical Examiners complaint process

73. Insurer letter and IME report review

78. Worker-requested medical examinations

81. Sanctions for non-attendance

84. General IME statistics

85. Statistical reports on utilization and costs

90. Survey methodology

92. Survey comments (A Must Read!)
    93. Attending physicians
    123. Claimant attorneys
    167. Defense attorneys
    180. IME physicians
    231. IME vendors
    236. Injured workers
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